Wood Picture Frames – Birthday Crafts – And More

We have a wide variety of new crafts coming out this week. Our wood picture frames look great and there are now more wood birthday crafts too.

Unfinished Wood Craft Picture Frames
These new wood picture frames have come out because of requests. They all come with the backing that can be decorated anywhere from pictures, to vinyl, to paper.
The small frame is about 10.75″x8.75″… and the inside is about 6.75″x4.75″ and costs $6.99.
The medium frame is about 13.75″x11.75″… and the inside is about 9.75″x7.75″ and costs $9.99.
The large frame is about 17.75″x14.75″… and the inside is about 13.75″x10.75″ and costs $12.99.

Summer Unfinished Wood Cubes

Spring Unfinished Wood Cubes
These two pictures above is one whole craft. The package comes with three 3″x3″x3″ cubes and six pieces of vinyl. Three vinyl pieces are related to Spring and the other three relate to Summer. You can see the different vinyl pieces in the pictures above. It costs $15.99 for all the wood and vinyl.

Happy Birthday Hanging Insert
This birthday wood craft is about 8″x8″. It’s made to go into your welcome frame that has monthly crafts, or you can always just hang it up like the picture above.

Birthday Wish Unfinished Wood Craft
This is the birthday wish wood craft that we did for our craft class last week. The craft class projects always come out a week or two after the craft class.

Love Letters Unfinished Wood Craft
This Love craft has been brought back by popular demand. I guess you can have Love in your home year around instead of just in February.

We love coming out with new wood crafts weekly. Leave a comment if you have any ideas of what we should make next!

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