Thrifty Fall Candle Holders (Quilted Euphoria)

Hello everyone! It’s Amber from Quilted Euphoria again. I hope you are enjoying this delicious fall weather as much as I am. To celebrate our changing seasons, I’m going to show you how to make a quick thrifty fall project!

I was putting finishing touches on my fall decor and knew that my long neglected kitchen windowsill was missing something. It has afterall been sporting a fan for the last three months, and I wasn’t feeling very inspired. And then today the fan was put in storage, and the window sill yelled at me to be decorated. (No joke, it actually did yell at me!)

I was making a list of things I needed to grab to top off my decor and decided to head to Pinterest to figure out one last thing. And then the idea hit me! I never knew how adorable beans could be, and they’re the perfect color for fall.

I have a hard time letting go of jars, and shoe boxes, or boxes in general. Because I know the second I throw them out I’ll find something to use them for. I’m borderline hoarder, it’s ridiculous…off I went to the pantry. I kind of wanted a random look to this, so I chose jars of different shapes and sizes. I also tried to avoid those with labels still attached.

I gathered the supplies…(and you can too!)

And began fussing around….Really there’s no rhyme or reason to what I did. I just kind of poured beans in until it was the height I wanted and the look I wanted. So you can really copy me!

And this is what resulted

SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

The jars ended up a little fuller than I wanted because some of the jar mouths were too small to fit the candle all the way inside. So filling them to the top solved that problem. But I like the look

Also I think the bean combo are beautifully colored for fall! Just perfect!

(thanks Mom for the bean mix!)

The twine I had left over from my fall leaves project along with the felt that I threw in. The colors didn’t have enough red, so I threw in a little of my own.

And finally here is the picture of the windowsill after it’s all said and done.
You can see how awesome it goes together with my fall leaves garland!
A little more glowing picture.

This project took 15 minutes and was free as I had everything on hand! Love those projects.

Now go raid your storage areas for jars and beans and you can have the same look for free! Go on, I promise you it’s cute!
See you next time with another awesome crafty idea! 🙂

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