Summer Unfinished Wood Crafts – Watermelons

It’s time to get ready for Summer!!!

For the next few weeks we will be coming out with Summer wood crafts every week. Here is the first line of our new Summer unfinished wood crafts

Summer Unfinished Wood Craft
To start it off, we made this Summer letters with awesome popsicles as the “m’s”. This whole craft set is about 33″ wide by 8″ tall.

Watermelon Unfinished Wood Crafts
Looking at these juicy watermelons just makes me so excited for Summer. I LOVE eating watermelons. The big watermelon is about 7″x8″ and the smaller one is about 4.5″x5.5″.

Summertime Unfinished Wood Craft
This Summertime wood craft is about 14″ wide by 13″ tall. These are three of the best things that remind me of the summer… Ladybugs, watermelon, and the hot summer sun.

Summer Welcome Post Insert Wood Craft
This is the Summer insert for the welcome post. We’ve added a popsicle and sandals onto this as well to help you get ready for Summer! This craft is about 8″x8″.

Summer Wood Craft Ladder Kit
We came out with this Summer Ladder Kit last week, but it just felt right to put it in this blog post with all the other Summer things.

Let us know what you like most about Summer and these Summer unfinished wood crafts!


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