Spring & May Unfinished Wood Crafts – Metal

We are coming out with more Spring and May unfinished wood crafts and metal this week.

Look at these four new wonderful crafts!

Spring Frame Wood Crafts
This frame looks amazing. We actually had that cute little metal Spring that is in the middle, and we just needed to do something with it. Since we already had the little birdie and tulip, we just decided to put all three in a frame. How cute is that!

May Ladder Kit Wood Crafts
This May ladder kit is one of my favorite. It makes me want to put more May unfinished wood crafts in my house. I think it’s because of the rain drops that are falling onto the umbrella. Also, if you can’t see it, the sign on the bottom says “April showers brings May flowers.”

May Post Insert Wood Craft Flower
Ready for the next insert in your Welcome Post? Here it is! This is also one of my favorite May unfinished wood crafts. A beautiful flower that goes right in the middle of the frame. I love the blue background!

Chillin With Peeps Metal Frame
Chillin with my Peeps, I love it! This is another wonderful metal design that we were just able to put on a piece of wood and make it into one of the hanging May unfinished wood crafts. We have also popped out the little animals in the middle and put glitter on them to make them sparkle.

Feel free to write something below if you have a comment or suggestion about any of these May unfinished wood crafts.

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