Shadow Box – Watermelon – New Summer Wood Crafts

We have just a couple new crafts that came out today. They are are both Summer wood crafts to help with your wonderful collection.

Shadow Box Unfinished Summer Wood Crafts
The first new craft of the week is this Shadow Box. This will be one of the wood crafts that will change monthly. The Shadow Box itself is $14.99 and is about 21″ wide x 7.5″ tall x 4″ deep. You will only need to get the Shadow Box once, and then every month you can get the little pieces that go inside it.

The first set of pieces will get you started off with Summer wood crafts. These three pieces are between $3.99-$4.99 each and are about 3.5″x4″x1.5″. These are the June pieces for the Shadow Box and we will be coming out with the July pieces shortly.

Hanging Watermelon Summer Wood Crafts
One of the other new Summer wood crafts that came out today is this hanging watermelon. You can use it as a door hanger or anywhere else you would like to. It is $14.99 and is about 11″ wide x 4.5″ tall. Everyone seems to love watermelons during this time, so we know this will be one of the most popular Summer Wood Crafts.

We should be starting to come out with some July wood crafts next week. Leave a comment and let us know what type of July or Summer wood crafts you would like to see!

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