Prayer Blocks – Monthly – Mothers Day Wood Crafts

We have a handful of new wonderful wood crafts coming out today.

Prayer Blocks Unfinished Wood Craft
These stacking prayer blocks are another great religious wood craft that you can use for home decor. They have also come out just in time to be a great Mothers Day present.

Spring Welcome Wood Frame Craft
These Spring blocks that go into this Welcome Frame came out a couple weeks ago but I forgot to put them on the website. So here is a picture of these interchangeable blocks that can be used in the Welcome Frame.

Summer Welcome Wood Frame Craft
These Summer blocks are the next line of inserts for the Welcome Frame. Go ahead and get the Spring blocks to use for a while and then switch them out with these wonderful Summer blocks.

Summer Wood Craft Ladder Kit
Everyone seems to love these monthly ladder kits. This is the June ladder kit. We will be coming out with a new one in July as well, even though this could also be a great Summer ladder kit. Either way it still looks amazing.

Great Parents Vinyl in Wood Frame
We have a lot of great vinyl sayings to get us ready for Mothers Day. We put this one together in one of our frames to show how great they can look for any mother.

Mom Queen Vinyl Wood Craft
This is another great vinyl selection for Mothers Day. Which mom wouldn’t like such a cute saying to cheer up her day? I know my mom would. We just put this vinyl on one of the small blocks to show how easy and cute this could be.

Does anyone else have any other great Mothers Day wood craft gift ideas?

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