Pray Always Unfinished Wood Cutout – Religious Crafts

This week we have another one of our religious crafts coming out.

This Pray Always unfinished wood cutout is a great craft for any room in your house. It is a great reminder to always give thanks to your heavenly father for all your blessings.

Pray Always Unfinished Wood Cutout
This craft is about 26″ wide by 12″ high and costs $18.99.

We have made this into a wonderful neutral gray color that fits with most home decor. You can always use you imagination and make it colors that fit better with your own home and style

If you have more LDS or religious craft ideas, then please leave a comment below and let us know!



      Jenn you had ask on our website if the Pray always was available, it is always available to order, it is a unfinished wood product. Sorry for the delay in answering we just bought Crafty wood cutouts and are just figuring this out


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