More Thanksgiving Wood Craft Home Decor

Every Friday we come out with new crafts. This week we had a handful of new Thanksgiving wood craft home decor come out in our store. Take a look at these and all of our other cute crafts either through our online store or by coming in and visiting us at our Orem, UT location.

Gobble Thanksgiving Wood Craft Home Decor
‘Gobble’ is one of the best words to use for Thanksgiving wood craft home decor. This letter set is about 26″ wide and 11″ tall and costs $22.99.

Standing Cute Turkey Thanksgiving Wood Craft
This is such cute little Thanksgiving turkey wood craft. Last week we came out with two different sized turkeys that are sitting down. This week we had to give this cute little guy some legs. This turkey is about 7″ wide by 10″ tall and costs $7.99.

Hanging Welcome Pumpkin Sign Thanksgiving Wood Craft
We already have one hanging pumpkin Thanksgiving door hanger that has been very popular. Since that one is so popular, we had to come out with another pumpkin during this time of year that has a little different feel to it. This craft comes with the ‘Welcome’ vinyl and extra wood pieces and looks so dang cute. This hanging pumpkin wood craft measures about 6.5″ wide by 17.5″ tall and costs $12.99 altogether.

Hanging Turkey Thanksgiving Wood Craft
Door hangers seem to be more and more popular, so we’ve turned a turkey into one. I really like this turkey because you can make it so very colorful. It is about 17″ wide by 17″ tall and costs $11.99.

Leave a comment and tell us what you think about all these new Thanksgiving wood crafts that are coming out. You can also give us recommendations on other things that we should be making for November or December time.


  1. Sandy

    Absolutely LOVE your cutout designs !!! I’m new to this type of project (Painting on wood) – do you
    have patterns to follow. I’m not artistic at all – but would love to try this, (i’m on leave from work for an injury)

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