More Summer Wood Crafts – Bugs and Insects

These Summer wood crafts are quite popular. We had to come out with more because everyone is suggesting it.

Small Summer Wood Craft
Last week we came out with a big Summer wood craft that had popsicles as the “m’s”. This week we have this smaller Summer wood craft coming out with a beautiful watermelon as the “u”. This small Summer wood craft is about 26″x6″.

Bee Unfinished Wood Craft
This Bee wood craft is so cute. We have glitter on the two outside letters and a bow on the middle letter. Those two little bees on the top are held in place by wire. This craft is about 14″ wide and 11″ tall to the top of the flying bees.

Ants and Watermelon Wood Crafts
How can you truly celebrate summers without ants. These are fun little craft projects that you can add to any of your other summer wood crafts. We have displayed them in this picture with our watermelons that came our last week. The ant with the watermelon is about 4″ wide x 3″ tall.

Hanging Sun Wood Craft
This is another beautiful door hanger. Get ready for some Summer fun in the Summer sun. This craft is about 19″ wide x 16″ tall.

Grateful Smart Vinyl Wood Block
We found this wonderful vinyl and cut it out to put on this block. This is a very easy craft project to do for those that need something quick and easy. The wood block is about 7″x10″.

If you have other fun ideas that we can use as Summer wood crafts let us know by leaving a comment below!

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