More October Wood Craft Home Decor Projects

This week we have come out with a bunch of new October wood craft home decor projects to use throughout your house. We have also come out with all of our monthly crafts this week too.

We love when our wonderful customers and avid crafters pick a monthly craft to start making and keep coming back to get the new design every month. We have many friends and family that have already made this a tradition.

October Welcome Hanger Wood Craft Home Decor
This is a picture of the three new pieces to use in this months welcome hanger. The pumpkin, frankenstein, and witch hat cost, $1.99, $3.49, and $4.99 respectively.

October Ladder Kit Wood Craft Home Decor
This is the next installment in our monthly ladder kits. Like always, this is one of our most highly sought out crafts that we make. The monthly ladder kit set always costs $19.99.

October Monster Banner Wood Craft Home Decor
Since our Happy Halloween Banner came out last week, many people have loved what they can do with these little banner triangles. Because of that, one of our designers took a few triangles and made them into little Halloween monsters. This is fun and easy to make and each banner triangle only costs $.99.

October Shadow Box Wood Craft Home Decor
We have a few new pieces to put into the Shadow Box as well. We have come out with a Ghost, Tombstone, and Bat that cost $1.99, $2.49, and $2.99 respectively.

October Welcome Sign Wood Craft Home Decor
These are three new blocks that you can use for the welcome sign. The three blocks only cost $3.49 and the October vinyl that goes on these blocks only costs $2.00.

October Bat Ghost Cubes Wood Craft Home Decor
These stacking cubes came out a month or two ago because they have October paper and vinyl on one side and September paper and vinyl on the other side. We just wanted to put the picture here again for people to see.

October Trick or Treat Blocks Wood Craft Home Decor
This is the next set of stacking blocks. Like always, the three blocks and vinyl only cost $9.99.

We are also coming out with some more Halloween and October wood craft home decor projects next week, so be sure to check back. If you have other ideas for use, then feel free to leave a comment below!


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