More March Unfinished Wood Crafts – Fantastic Friday

This week get ready for more fun March unfinished wood crafts for St. Patricks Day.

As always click the picture to enlarge so you can see it bigger. Just remember you can create it how you like or how it is done in the picture. We have all the March unfinished wood crafts and the supplies/embellishments you need in the store.

Wood Craft Rainbow

Shamrock Wood Craft

Lucky Vinyl Wood Craft Blocks

Leprachaun Shoe Wood Craft

Leprachaun Hat Wood Craft

Horseshoe Wood Craft

Gold Unfinished Wood Crafts

March-April Wood Craft Cubes 1

March-April Wood Craft Cubes 2

SHARE these pictures and wood crafts by clicking on the links below… Or come in and see all of our wonderful crafts!!!


    • bbollard

      We don’t have any online catalogs yet… but we are working on it. Some of the products are in our online store, but we are re-doing that.

      You can always call our store and get pricing over the phone.

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