More July Crafts – Wooden Craft Blocks

We have a handful of new July crafts that have come out this week. Some of them are wooden craft blocks as well. These wooden craft blocks have become very popular because they are much easier to make and they still look amazing.

And don’t worry, we have still come out with more than just wooden craft blocks. Like the craft below, we have entire sets of letters!

4th of July Wooden Craft
This 4th of July wooden craft is a must have. It is the biggest of all the crafts that came out this week.

Wooden Flag Door Hanger Craft
This is a great looking spin off of the American flag. Hang this on a door or wall anywhere around your house.

July Wooden Craft Blocks
This is the next in the monthly set of wooden craft blocks that we always come out with. It’s always nice to be able to change out a set of monthly crafts without having to change the placement of your home decor.

Fireworks Wooden Craft Blocks
These are some cute little fireworks with a star in the front. This is probably the easiest wooden craft to make of all the July wood crafts.

USA Wooden Craft Blocks
These wooden craft blocks come with the vinyl USA letters. Can you be more patriotic than to put a USA wooden craft in your house?

If you have any more suggestions for us so we can make another July wooden craft, let us know about it by leaving a comment below!


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      You can either come into our store in Orem, UT, call our store and order over the phone, or email us your order.

      We are currently setting up an online store to make it easier for people outside of Utah to buy these crafts.

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