More Halloween Wood Craft Cutouts for Home Decor

We have some of the cutest crafts of the year coming out today. We had a handful of Halloween wood craft cutouts come out last week, and this week we have come out with a lot more. We have already had a great response on all of these wood craft cutouts and expect to see more and more of you in here everyday.

Spooky Letters Wood Craft Cutouts
This Spooky Letter Set is SOOOO dang cute. It is about 25″ wide and 9″ tall and costs $18.99.

Witch Shoes Wood Craft Cutouts
This Witch Shoes craft is about 18″ wide x 12″ tall and costs $24.99 with all the pieces.

Witch Letters Wood Craft Cutouts
This Witch Letter Set is about 18″ wide x 9″ tall and costs $10.99.

Monster Letters Wood Craft Cutouts
This Monster Letter Set has already been one of our most popular. You can make these letters look like so many different scary little monsters. This set is about 36″ wide and 9″ tall and costs $18.99.

Eek Letter Set Wood Craft Cutouts
This Eek! wood craft cutout has been made from some of our capital letters. We sale the bats and brooms separately so that you can decorate this craft how you want. This craft is about 21″ wide and 10″ tall to the highest point on the broom. With all the pieces together this craft costs $15.50.

Happy Halloween Hanger Wood Craft Vinyl
This Happy Halloween Hanger is made up from a bunch of 5″x7″ triangles that cost $.99 each. The vinyl for this project costs about $7.99. So with all the pieces together you are looking at $21.99 for this unfinished wood craft cutout.

Halloween Wood Craft Cutouts
Here is a picture of some of our new Halloween wood craft cutouts and how they can be displayed. We have a bunch of cotton used as spider webs and spiders all around. You can decorate in many different ways to make your home look as festive or as scary as possible.

If you have more ideas for use for Halloween wood craft cutouts or any other holidays that are coming up, feel free to leave a comment below!


    • bbollard

      We are not cutting them anymore and putting them on our shelves, but we could cut one out for you if you’d like. It will take a couple weeks to cut it out, but it wont cost anymore if you want us to do one of our designs. If you want to make your own design, it will cost more for a custom order.

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