More Fall & September DIY Wood Crafts

DIY Wood Crafts

These are some of the best do-it-yourself wood crafts in the world. We started coming out with some Fall DIY wood crafts last week and have kept coming out with more this week. We have all of our monthly changeable DIY wood crafts that came out today. Take a look at them below!

September Welcome Sign DIY Wood Craft
These are the inserts for the welcome sign. Each insert is about 3″ wide by 4″ tall. The blocks cost $3.49 for three of them and the vinyl for all three blocks is just $2.00.

September Welcome Hanger DIY Wood Craft
This hanger with the September inserts is about 22″ wide by 15″ tall. The three pieces to attach on the welcome hanger are sold separately. The sunflower is $4.99, the acorn is $2.99, and the leaf is $1.99.

September Stacking Cubes 2 DIY Wood Crafts
These three stacking cubes are each 3.5″x3.5″x3.5″. All three stacking cubes and the vinyl are sold together and costs $11.99.

September Ladder Kit DIY Wood Craft
This is the next installment of our amazing and popular ladder kits. The ladder stands 5′ high and is just under 2′ wide. The whole September ladder kit is sold as one unit and costs $19.99 just like every month.

September Shadow Box 2 DIY Wood Craft
This shadow box is about 21″ wide by 8″ tall. The three pieces that form the September shadow box are sold separately. The leaf is $2.49, the acorn is $3.49, and the pumpkin is $3.99.

September Stacking Blocks DIY Wood Crafts
These three stacking blocks are about 9″ wide by 8″ tall with all three stacked on each other. Like always, the three blocks and the vinyl are sold together and costs $9.99.

September Welcome Post DIY Wood Craft
The September welcome post insert is 8″x8″. It comes together with the background and the leaves and costs $7.99.

All of these fun Fall and September DIY wood crafts are available at our store in Orem, Utah. Also, you can always purchase them by going to our store on our website, or you can call or email us to place an order. We ship to anywhere in the entire nation.

This is just a handful of the DIY wood crafts that we have. Come into our store to see more of them. If you have any other thoughts on DIY wood crafts that we can make, feel free to leave a comment below!


    • bbollard

      We have our ‘September’ crafts up for one more week. We sell everything that is in the store on our website… We can also do custom orders for anything that we no longer have on our website, you just need to call our store to get a price on any order.

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