Metal Crafts in Wood Frames

For this Fantastic Friday we have come out with some new metal crafts in wood frames. You can use them in the frames or on any wood block.

These look great in any home. Some of the metal crafts in wood frames that we already have are:
– Family
– Think Spring
– Live, Laugh, Love
– When Life Gets Too Hard To Stand
– Metal Cutout of a Temple
– Spring
– And More… Look Below!

You’ll have to come to the store to check out the other metal crafts in wood frames. Also, these metal crafts come in multiple sizes to fit different frames or wood blocks. You can also just attach them to your wall.

We also have two sizes of scrolls. These scrolls are great for hanging frames. And we have different sizes of frames to put the metal on. You’ll want to make sure to get all the supplies to go along with it to make it look like the perfect craft. Painting, Mod Podging paper, and even adding ribbon onto the frames make it look great!

Family Metal Crafts in Wood Frames

Think Spring Metal Crafts in Wood Frames

Metal Craft Display Corner

When Life Gets too Hard to Stand... Kneel - Metal Craft

Complete Lifes Circle - Grandchildren Metal Craft

Temple Metal Craft

Cute Small Metal Crafts

Oval Family Metal Craft

Metal Scrolls for Hanging


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