Merry Christmas – Fantastic Fridays

We have started a new tradition here at Crafty Wood Cutouts called “Fantastic Fridays!”

Basically, every Friday we will try to come out with at least one new project to work on. Since December/Christmas is right around the corner, we have decided to make a project that says “Merry Christmas.”

So here’s a look at our new product that came out today!

Merry Christmas - Holiday Unfinished Wood Crafts

All of the unfinished wood and vinyl come in a package that costs $15.99.

Then you will need to get the extra paint, ribbon, wire, paper, and jewels to decorate it. If you need any help, feel free to call us or come in and ask one of our amazing employees.

Also, we recommend getting the Christmas presents to go along with it to make it look even better!

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