March / St. Patricks Day Wood Crafts

It’s time for the Fantastic Fridays new wood crafts again.

Since February starts next week, we knew that we needed to start coming out with our March / St. Patricks Day wood crafts. So we are coming out with a handful St. Patricks Day wood crafts this week and even more next week.

March Ladder Wood Craft

March Vinyl Blocks Wood Crafts

Clover Unfinished Wood Crafts

Clover Unfinished Wood Craft

Luck Unfinished Wood Craft

We also have more in our store!

Come on in to our Orem, Utah unfinished wood crafts location or email/contact us if you’d like to purchase a wood craft and get it shipped to you.


    • bbollard

      We are opened Mon-Sat from 11:00 – 6:00… but we plan on starting to open at 10:00am soon…

      All of our March crafts are anywhere from a few dollars up to $20. If you’d like pricing on a specific craft, feel free to call our store and ask.

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