July Unfinished Wood Crafts – Home Decor Ideas

We have come out with a handful of new July unfinished wood crafts last week and this week. Like always, these are all amazing home decor ideas.

Most of the unfinished wood crafts that have come out for July so far are monthly inserts. So many women have expressed their love for these crafts that are the same and just have inserts to be switched out monthly. Then the arrangement of the designs in the house doesn’t need to change. The only thing that needs to change are the inserts inside of the craft.

We do plan on coming out with even more July unfinished wood crafts next week. They will be more stand alone crafts like the “Liberty” one and not inserts. We also have a great craft class coming up this next week with blocks that spell “Freedom”. Look out for another blog post about that craft class.









If you have more ideas for July or August crafts leave a comment below!

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