January Monthly Wood Crafts

Each month we come out with our monthly interchangeable wood crafts. We usually come out with them at the end of every month, but because of Black Friday, they came out today instead. You can take a look at our cute wood crafts through our online store here or by coming into our Orem, UT location.

It is always so fun to see how the monthly crafts turn out. What is so great about our monthly interchangeable crafts is that every month, you will be able to have a new decoration in your home. We also come out with them a couple months in advance, so it allows you enough time to complete them. All of our wood crafts are unfinished, so it make it easy to match your home decor.

A couple of our monthly interchangeable crafts are the Shadow Box Inserts and Stacking Blocks. Pictures are shown below.

January Stacking Blocks

January Shadow Box Inserts


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