How To Tuesdays – Getting Started

Hi there Crafty Wood Cutouts fans! Welcome to How To Tuesdays!

What is How To Tuesdays?

Starting this next week, I will be writing a “how to” blog post on wood crafting. These posts will be random every week and help you become a professional crafter. Every so often I will be asking for what you Crafty Wood Cutout fans are wanting to learn about.

Your “How To Wood Craft” Teacher

I thought I would start off by introducing myself. My name is Brooke and I have a love for crafting, especially for unfinished wood crafts. Doesn’t Crafty Wood Cutouts have the cutest stuff!  I’m so excited to be here with you every Tuesday to walk you through, step by step, on how to craft and be a part of the Crafty Wood Cutouts team! Whether through video tutorial or pictures, I am here to answer any of your crafting how to’s.

How To Wood Craft Ideas

This week I wanted to get a few ideas from you guys to see what people would like to see, and do video tutorials or pictures work best for most? Do you struggle using mod podge, being more creative with the crafting wire, working with glitter, or sand papering just right. Whatever it is that you would like help with I want to hear it! If you have any ideas and want to share please let me know. I’m excited to get to know all you fellow crafters and hear your great ideas!

learn how to wood craft



    How about starting with the very basics first……..i.e. basic supplies, what to do with your wood once you get it home (sanding rough areas, wiping with tack cloth) painting 101for crafting newbies?

  2. Jill

    The basics! Like how do you trace the letters for the scrapbook paper, especially the letters that are curvy with small spaces?

  3. vickie

    what do I use to seal acrylic paint onto painted wood? I’ve been using Mod Podge,,but it doesn’t work like I want it too. Too tacky after dried, especially if it touches something else.

    • bbollard

      I know that we carry a different wood glue at our store on top of Mod Podge. If you want to ask the professional crafters, feel free to email info @

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