How to Paper and Sand Curly Wood Letters

Don’t you love when you get a cute wood craft and you fall in love with it because of the font? There’s nothing like getting ready to craft and feeling a little overwhelmed and then to realize papering and sanding curly wood letters is going to be difficult to work with. Here are a few tips for doing this… I hope it helps you with these curly wood letters!Here are all the tools needed to get started: Curly wood letters, pen, scissors, box cutter or exacto knife,  sand paper, and a nail file.I start off by tracing my curly wood letters onto paper that I will be mod podging onto my letters. When you trace out your letters, just trace out the basic shape of the letter, don’t worry about trying to get your pen in the curve of the letters because it’s not going to fit! Once the basic shape is traced out, cut it out and mod podge it to your letters.Once your paper is glued on and dried, I take my box cutter, and right down the center of where the letter starts to curve, I cut the paper all the way up the middle until the curve stops. I do not try to cut right along the edges of the wood because the box cutter could cut the wood. This iswhen your sand paper or nail file will come in handy. With heavier paper, I like to wrap a heavy duty sand paper around my nail file to get a stong hold of  my sanding in the curve of the letter. With thinner paper, I sometimes just use the sand paper. If you follow right along the edge of the wood, the paper will rip off along the side of the wood with nice clean lines, just like if you were using scissors. Here is what your curvy wood letters should look like when you’re finished. I hope this helped some crafters that are struggling with those cute but pesky fonts!

What other tips do you have for saving time or making things easier for the beggining crafter?

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