How to Make Wire Flowers for Crafting

How to Make Wire Flowers for Crafting

wire crafting embellishments
Tools needed to learn how to make wire flowers for crafting.

how to bend crafting wire
Take your wire and make your loop. Bending it towards you and leaving a little peice of the wire hanging over. Depending how much wire you have will determine how big you will make your flower loops.

how to use crafting wire
For the next loop take the wire bring it towards you bend it to match the the first loop you made. Every time you make a new loop the wire will be on top of each other.

crafting with wire
Again making another loop your flower should begun to look like this.

embellishing wire crafts
Hopefully this shows how I bend each loop into place. When done you should have five loops.

wire embellishments on crafts
Bending the last and final loop and putting it into place.

how to put wire on crafts
Cut any remaining wire off. Leaving a little to bend underneath the wire flowers for crafting to hide it.

crafts with wire embellishments
Here is how much wire I leave after I cut the wire flowers for crafting.

how to make craft wire
Again take your needle nose pliers and bend the end of the wire hiding it under the flower and keeping it in place.

how to make a wire flower
After your flower is made, embellish on any craft. This completes your tutorial on how to make wire flowers for crafting.

Make sure to check out all are Easter and spring crafts! These wire flowers are great for any one of our crafts! Let me know if there are any more questions, the wire is very workable and bends well.

What else have you made with your wire, any ideas?


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