How to Make Wire Butterflies for Wood Crafts

If you had fun with our how to make wire flowers you will enjoy this tutorial as well. Wire Butterflies are also a fun accent to add to any of our unfinished wood crafts. Enjoy and have fun!

Supplies needed for wire butterflies: wire, wire cutters, and pliers.

First step: Bend wire at the top to form first antenna.

An inch in a half down make your first loop, which will be the bottom right wing of your wire butterfly.

Form your next loop which will be the wire butterfly’s left wing.

Form your next loop which will be your wire butterfly’s top left wing.

Then form your next loop which will be your wire butterfly’s top right wing.

Take your wire as to bend it underneath the last loop you formed, bringing it straight up to form your final step which is the second antenna.

What other inscects remind you of spring time? What else would you create with your wire to accent your spring wood craft?


  1. Dunee

    Omg this is amazing because I have to make something out of wire for school and this gave me a good idea

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