How To Make Glitter Crafts

how to make glitter craftsThis tutorial is on glitter crafts and how to apply the glitter. Here at Crafty Wood Cutouts we have fine and chunky glitter that can glam up any of your glitter crafts, along with these cute St. Patty’s day rainbows. What a great combination! Who wouldn’t love rainbow glitter crafts!glitter craft suppliesHere are all the supplies needed to get started with glitter crafts! Whenever I use glitter I like to paint the wood the color of glitter I will be using. For the rainbow you will need all the rainbow colors in paint and glitter. Then I like to use a half inch paint brush so that each of my rows will be the same width.glitter for crafts I start out with my first color and paint a red strip.

crafts with glitterThen move onto the next color, Orange, and so on and so on. Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple.

rainbow unfinished wood craftAfter I get all my colors painted on the wood, I like to take a little water on the end of my brush and blend all the colors together. Remember you don’t have to be a great painter to do this. I paint the glitter crafts because it makes it brighter and you wont see the wood.rainbow wood craftsNext, I take my brush, and one layer at a time I Mod Podge my first color. I do this to try to make my strip the same width all the way around the rainbow.craft paint suppliesTake the correct color of glitter and pour onto your Mod Podge strip.

how to use glitter for craftingKeep your craft on top of a sheet of paper so you can catch the extra glitter that was not used. I do this by turning my sheet of paper into a funnel which allows me to get almost all the glitter back into its bottle.rainbow glitter craftsI continue on with my next strip of Mod Podge and glitter and do so with each color. Don’t be afraid of dumping your next color off in fear that it will stick to the last color you did, I promise it wont.apply glitter on wood craft

glitter on wood crafts

multiple glitter color craftsJust a tip, if you feel that you have made one end of the strip wider than another you can take your finger and brush the glitter off just a bit to even things to apply glitter on crafts

Rainbow - how to make glitter crafts

Then spray your glitter crafts with a clear acrylic spray tell help keep all the glitter on the craft.

Now you have one of your glammed out chunky rainbow glitter crafts when done! It’s really easy and a lot of fun to do! And never be afraid to branch out and try glitter, it’s a lot more fun than trouble. I hope you have as much fun as I did with glitter crafts. Remember we also carry fun extras like chunky and fine glitter for all your needs with glitter crafts.

What other creative ways have you made glitter crafts?

Any ideas or picture’s of glitter crafts to share? We would love to see what crafts you have glittered!


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