Halloween DIY Wood Craft Design and Decor

The long awaited Halloween wood craft designs are finally here! This week we have come out with a handful of new October and Halloween wood crafts, but don’t worry because we will come out with a lot more. We currently have the next two Fridays scheduled to come out with these wonderful and cute designs.

This week we have a bunch of wonderful crafts and letter sets that are just for October. We wanted to come out with them early enough for everyone to come and get what they want and to have enough time to make them before October comes. Let us know what you think about these Halloween wood crafts design and decor below.

Wicked Halloween Wood Craft Design
This Wicked wood craft is about 12″ wide and 32″ tall and costs $18.99.

Boo Halloween Wood Craft Design
This Boo Halloween craft is about 20″ wide and 7″ tall and costs $14.99.

Hanging Spider Halloween Wood Craft
This Hanging Spider wood craft is a great door or wall hanger. It is about 14″ wide and 11″ tall and costs $10.99.

Candy Corn Halloween Wood Craft Design
These Candy Corn wood crafts are super cute. The big one is just under 9″x9″ and costs $5.99. The small one is just under 6″x6″ and costs $4.99.

Picket Fence Halloween Wood Craft
These Picket Fences can be decorated and made in many ways. It is about 9″ wide and 11″ tall and costs $6.99 for one fence.

Witch Hat Halloween Wood Craft Design
This Witch Hat is about 9″ wide and 13″ tall and costs $12.99.

We also have wire and fuzzy spiders already made in the store. Go ahead and come in and check them out. All of these crafts go great with cobwebs too.

If you have other ideas for Halloween or the upcoming holidays, please leave a comment below and let us know!


  1. Torri M

    I LOVE your crafts! Since you mentioned sharing ideas my mom has two halloween wood crafts that I LOVE and would love to see copied so I can have them too! One is the words “Boo” as a door or wall hanging with a ghost at the top, the ghost and the letters all connect with wire or twine or something. She also has this cute little witch that sits on the fireplace mantel at Halloween time! I think her body/face/hat are all one piece of wood, then you glue additional pieces on that are her arms and nose, and her legs are attached with wire.
    I really love your website and am so happy I found you!

    • bbollard

      Can you take a picture of your moms crafts and send them to us, and then we can make a custom order for you.

      Let us know of all the specifics, like the size of wood, width and height, and anything else we need to know. You can email all of that to info@craftywoodcutouts.com

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