Gobble – Thanksgiving Word Set

After one day of being opened, this is one of our most popular projects. It’s probably because it’s November and most people are thinking of Thanksgiving. It’s also probably because that turkey for the “O” is just so dang cute! As always, you can make yours look exactly like ours or do your own design.

Estimated completion time for Gobble project = 1 hour

Gobble  - Thanksgiving Word Set

The following is a list of the prices and supplies for this wood set:

– Basil
– Pumpkin
– Rich Brown
– Antique Gold
– Wine

Gobble uses 3 types of ribbon. Each foot of ribbon is $.50.

It has about 8 jewels on it. 2 for the eyes, a few on the 2nd “B” and a few more on the “E”.

The raffia on the “L” is only $.25, and will leave you with left over raffia for other projects.

The “G”, “B”, “B”, and “L” are use regular paper designs that are $.79 for a 12″x12″ sheet. The “E” has a specialty paper on it that costs $1.99 for a 12″x12″ sheet. You will have left over paper from those sheets for other projects.

The Turkey use 3 different paints and 3 glitter for the different sections:
– Bumblebee (yellow)
– Tangerine (orange)
– Bon Bon (brown)

The Gobble unfinished wood is $18.99

All of the supplies needed will cost around another $10.00 or so. It’s hard to say because you will have left over supplies to use for other projects.

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