GIVEAWAY at 1,000 Facebook Fans

We are currently at 500 Facebook fans and want to get to 1,000 ASAP.

So we are enlisting all of our Facebook fans to help us. And for helping us we are giving away three $15 gift certificates!

Everybody can get up to six entries to win! Do ALL of them for better chances to win!

Ways to get entries:
1. Like our Facebook page and leave a comment on this note
2. Like this giveaway/note on Facebook
3. Share this giveaway/note on your own wall
4. Suggest our Facebook page to your friends
5. Write a blog post on your own blog about Crafty Wood Cutouts
6. Post our button on your own blogs sidebar

***For #3-6 you will need to leave a comment on this note for EVERY entry that you’ve completed.

We will use a random generator to pick the winners and they will be announced once we hit 1,000 fans!

Thanks for all your help!!!

Button Code:

Crafty Wood Cutouts - Holiday Unfinished Crafts
<a href=””><img title=”Crafty Wood Cutouts – Holiday Unfinished Crafts” src=”” alt=”Crafty Wood Cutouts – Holiday Unfinished Crafts” width=”180″ height=”200″ /></a>


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