February Adult Wood Crafting Class

It’s time for another fun crafting class with your friends!

We have contacted one of our top Facebook fans, that has posted MANY of her own crafts to our page, to come and teach the class. Her name is Bobbie Staley. If you want to go to our Facebook fan page and click on the photos area, you can go and see some of the crafts that she has made. Click Here to go to our Facebook photos page.

We will be doing the “Lucky” craft below to get you ready for March/St. Patrick’s Day. This craft will not be available for purchase in the store until after the craft class. So if you want to get a head start on everyone else, sign up for the craft class!

Adult Wood Craft Class:

Date: Wednesday, Feb 15 {craft: Lucky, image below}
Time: 7:00-9:00pm
Where: At the store
What: $20 for the craft, supplies, and class fee
* 1 sheet of specialty paper
* 3 sheets of regular paper
* Green paint
* Gold glitter paint
* Mod Podge
* Brushes
* Wire and ribbon
Extra: You are welcome to purchase extra paper/supplies if you’d like that aren’t in the pictures below

Lucky Wood Craft Class Supplies

Lucky Unfinished Wood Crafts

Limited Class Availability

Go to the store to sign up or you can do it online by clicking the button below!

Sign up today… $20 for everything you need for the class!

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