We have a couple new wood crafts for this Fantastic Friday.

Families are Forever Wood Craft Cutout

Families Are Forever Wood Craft

The first one is this family craft. Families are Forever has always been a great saying, especially in Utah County and all of Utah. This has now become our biggest craft and costs $29.99. It was put on the shelf today and all of them have been sold out in the first day, but don’t worry, we’ll have much more tomorrow. Everyone that loves home decor wood crafts puts family at the top of their list. There is no wonder why this craft is already one of our most popular.

Welcome Sign - Let It Snow - Craft Wood Cutouts

Welcome Sign Black - Craft Wood Cuts

Welcome Sign Wood Craft

These two welcome signs are an add on from our new frames that came out a couple Fantastic Fridays ago. The wood craft frame is still $7.99 and sold separately. You can purchase the wood blocks and “welcome” vinyl as well. The reason we have this craft is because people LOVE our ladder kit since you just buy one ladder and can switch out the kit every month. With this new welcome sign, you will be able to change out the three blocks for every month or season. And like always, we will give you a ton of amazing designs to go by.

6 thoughts on “Families Are Forever – Fantastic Fridays

  1. I would like to buy the families are forever. How much are they. I don’t have to have it before christmas. I really like this.

  2. Hi can this be shipped to australia, are there any in stock? Please let me know how I can purchase the families are forever plaque….

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