DIY Wood Letters and Numbers – Wooden Craft Monograms

So many wonderful people come in and want to get wood letters in random fonts. We’ve been able to fulfill all these custom orders. In our store and online we carry many different fonts and sizes or wood letters. This video shows a lot of what we carry:

I’ve seen that majority of people like to use these letters to spell out their last name or names of people in their family. We have letters up to 1.5″ thick that are great to put on dressers or shelves as home decor. We also have flat MDF wood that can be used to hang up on the wall. We are even able to cut out monogram wood letters using that wood.


Look at some of these awesome designs the some people have done by just putting our random wood letters together:





Another great thing is that we carry numbers, logos, and even different symbols used for letters. All of these wonderful wood letters and numbers can be found on the shop of our website at Crafty Wood Cutouts.

If you have any other suggestions or great craft ideas for these wooden letters and numbers, please feel free to leave a comment!

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