Custom Orders

We do all sorts of custom orders for Vinyl and Unfinished Wood! Just send us sizes and dimensions of what you want. Let us know of fonts, give us drawings or pictures, be specific.

If you have more questions or if this pricing list is too hard to understand, contact us.

Custom Vinyl Orders

Up to 5″x5″ or 25 sq inches = $6.00
8″x8″ or 64 sq inches = $12.00
12″x12″ or 144 sq inches = $18.00
16″x16″ or 256 sq inches = $24.00
20″x20″ or 400 sq inches = $30.00

Custom vinyl orders can take up to a week to cut out depending on the time of year. Also, if the design is too small to cut out and peel we will let you know of our suggestions or reserve the right to change price.

Custom Wood Orders

We have done many custom wood orders in the years that we’ve been opened. All of our wood crafts, except for the frames, are hand cut. We do custom prices for every custom order. Usually prices will be somewhat similar to a project of the same size, but it could cost a little more because it is custom made. If it is a bigger custom project, expect the custom pricing to be more. Please either contact us for more details. The easiest way to get a price and a time frame to cut a custom wood order is to email us at We need all the specifics; type of wood, size, quantity, exactly what is wanted or a picture of something, etc.

Majority of custom wood orders take 2-3 weeks to cut out depending on the time of year.