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Fantastic Fridays are so fantastic!

CTR Shield -  Craft Wood Designs

CTR Shield Wood Craft

Since we are in Utah County and in and LDS community, we had to come up with a CTR wood design. Our first CTR wood design is a shield and it looks awesome! This shield comes with the base, dowel, back shield, bead board shield, and three CTR letters. All of that is $12.99. We’ve dazzled it up a little with glitter and we love the new CTR shield wood design. We will come out with another CTR design next week.

Calendar - Craft Wood Designs

Calendar 2 - Craft Wood Designs

Calendar Wood Design

We’ve put two pictures on here to show the different colors of paper that we used since our employees did such a great job making this. Everyone needs a calendar, but now you can have a crafty calendar that looks so much better. This calendar has the base, two blocks, vinyl numbers, all 12 vinyl months, and blocks and magnents for all 12 months. This costs $19.99 and will last you the ENTIRE year!

Hanging Mittens - Unfinished Wood Design

Hanging Mittens Wood Craft

These hanging mittens are great for hanging around the house. The package comes with both mittens and the bead board cuffs. You can get your own wire to connect them or do anything else as well, we do carry the wire separately. The unfinished mittens cost $5.99.

January Ladder - Craft Wood Designs

January Ladder Kit Wood Design

We have finally come out with our January ladder design. Like always, the ladder kit costs $16.99. Everyone seems to love these ladders because you can always use the same ladder and just change out the kit for every month.


  1. Megan Anderson

    I’m just wondering where you get all your designs from? I’ve seen these before from two other wood stores. I’d think you’d have your own stuff?

    • bbollard

      We actually have some other stores and professionals cutting some of the designs, and we cut also cut some. Since we just opened over a month ago, we did needed to purchase from others to fill up the entire store, but we have been working night and day coming up with our own designs as well.

      As of right now, about 50% of the designs in the store are from others and the other 50% are our own designs.

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