Crafty Wood Cutouts Featured Tour by Katy Anderson Photography

Google Featured Tour

We want to thank Katy from Katy Anderson Photography for coming to our store and taking pictures and putting together this featured tour for us. Katy is a professional photographer that is Google certified and is great at what she does.

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Crafty Wood Cutouts Store

As you can see, by going through the tour of our store, we have made a handful of updates lately. We keep getting bigger and bigger and are in the process of expanding our store. We’ve been able to paint our entire store and put up some cute vinyl sayings. We’ve also added a lot more products. Of course, our main product line is our unfinished wood crafts and all of the paper, supplies, and embellishments that go with that. We have recently been able to increase our frame, metal, and vinyl inventory to help all of our wonderful crafty customers get exactly what they need through our store.

If you haven’t done so yet, please stop by to see all of our awesome store changes. Even our kids corner has a ton of fun new things in it. Your kids can watch a movie, color, play games, and much more while you shop at our store.

Katy Anderson Photography

Since Katy was such a nice lady to put together this tour for us, we want to give her a shout out. She is a WONDERFUL photographer that does a little of everything. Baby and family photos are what she loves to do the most, but she also does so much more. Go to her website and check it out; If you’re thinking of getting any photos done, she’s a great option!


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