Christmas Wood Crafts

We come out with new crafts every Friday. Last Friday we came out with more Christmas Crafts. We have been coming out with them for the past few weeks now. You can look at our December or Christmas Crafts through our online store here or you can come into our Orem, UT Location.

Some of the crafts that we came out with last week were Candy Jars that have been etched with words or a face. The words on them are: Nice, Jingle all The Way, and Naughty. The jar that looks like Santa has a face on it. What is nice about our jars is that you are able to fill them up with seasonal candy and have them filled all year long. The Jars and Candlesticks are sold separately. All of our wood crafts are unfinished, so you can match your home decor.

Jars Together

Leave a comment and tell us what your favorite Christmas Craft is and what you think about it.

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