Christmas Ladder Kit – Fantastic Fridays

It is our 2nd Fantastic Friday.

We’ve had a TON of ladies ask us about this new Christmas Ladder Kit and we are excited to announce that it is finally here!

Christmas Ladder Kit - Holiday Unfinished Wood CraftsThe new Christmas Ladder Kit comes with the unfinished wood and vinyl and is only $16.99!!! (paper, paint, & embellishments are sold separately)

Like always, the regular ladder is $13.99 and can be used with every monthly kit that we have. Since we’ve just opened this wonderful store, we only have the November and December kits available to put on the ladder. Come back in December and we will be coming out with a January Ladder Kit.

Also, we will also be coming out with a new style ladder in the next couple weeks… A Barnwood Ladder!


  1. Jackee Wardle

    I saw your add in Value Pages and it says craft classes are available. I would be interested in those. When will you be having them? I checked and didn’t see any on your calendar.

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