Baby Room Home Decor Unfinished Wood Cutouts

by / Friday, 15 June 2012 / Published in New Crafts

We’ve been opened for about six months now and we have already had three employees/owners have a baby. Because of all this new life and love going on, these babies have become quite big attractions. So many people keep asking for some baby room home decor and now it’s finally here!

This is the picture of the new baby room home decor wood set that we’ve come out with. We’ve made this one pink, which of course wood go into a baby girls room. You can always use different designs and colors, like blue for a baby boy. When you come in to check it out you’ll be able to see all the detail that goes along with it. Most of the design has glitter on it as well. The bottle and pacifier have mdf wood near the mouthpieces to make it pop out a little more. And of course we had to put some cute pink ribbon on this to top it off.

This baby set costs $13.99 and is about 19″ wide by 9.5″ tall.

The wooden baby bottle and wooden pacifier are $5.99 each. The bottle is about 9″ wide by 3.5″ tall and the pacifier is about 6″ wide by 4″ tall.

If you have any other great baby room home decor ideas for us let us know by leaving a comment below!

5 Responses to “Baby Room Home Decor Unfinished Wood Cutouts”

  1. These are adorable. I have twin girls and would have loved something like this for their room.They are five now though!!! Great stuff.

  2. Leslie Twitchell says : Reply

    are you able to order anything online yet? I was trying to find a place to do so

  3. Christiana says : Reply

    Hi i really like the baby bottle and the pacifier.i would like to have them for by daughters baptism. I Live in Cyprus and i would like to know if you deliver here. Thanks

    • bbollard says : Reply

      Yes, we deliver to everywhere in the nation. You can order those online if you’d like to. Or you can always call the store or email us with an order.

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