How To Make Glitter Crafts

This tutorial is on glitter crafts and how to apply the glitter. Here at Crafty Wood Cutouts we have fine and chunky glitter that can glam up any of your glitter crafts, along with these cute St. Patty’s day rainbows. What a great combination! Who wouldn’t love rainbow glitter crafts!Here are all the supplies needed … [Read more…]

How to Make Wire Flowers for Crafting

Tools needed to learn how to make wire flowers for crafting. Take your wire and make your loop. Bending it towards you and leaving a little peice of the wire hanging over. Depending how much wire you have will determine how big you will make your flower loops. For the next loop take the wire … [Read more…]

How to Mod Podge Craft Paper on Wood

Supplies needed to get started when learning how to mod podge craft paper on wood. Remember you don’t need a lot of mod podge! Make sure you put it on really smooth so you don’t get bubbles. When having bigger pieces of wood to paper, I like mod podge in sections. Starting in the middle … [Read more…]

How To Tuesdays – Getting Started

Hi there Crafty Wood Cutouts fans! Welcome to How To Tuesdays! What is How To Tuesdays? Starting this next week, I will be writing a “how to” blog post on wood crafting. These posts will be random every week and help you become a professional crafter. Every so often I will be asking for what … [Read more…]