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Crafty Wood Cutouts is a full service craft store that specializes in unfinished wood crafts. Choose from hundreds of DO IT YOURSELF (DIF) wood crafts and supplies. You will find ideas around each corner with new seasonal and home decor designs released every week. Crafty Wood Cutouts also supplies, metal, vinyl, scrapbook paper, paints, stains, ribbon, frames and hundreds of embellishments to help you personalize your craft.

Wood craft projects are as easy as 1-2-3. From the brand new crafter to the seasoned veteran--Crafty Wood Cutouts has a project for you. LET'S GET STARTED!!! First, you choose an unfinished wood craft project. Second, choose the paper, paint and other embellishments. Third, you display and show off your work.

Choose a craft project that fits your lifestyle, time and comfort level. Simple projects can be finished within minutes or more detailed masterpieces can take hours. If you need help a Crafty Wood Cutout staff member is happy to help. Also see thousands of wood craft ideas on the Crafty Wood Cutout website, Facebook page and Pinterest.

The best wood crafts are those that have your own PERSONAL STYLE. First, decide if the craft is going to be for regular home decor display or seasonal craft display. (For example, "Family" would be a great regular home decor item. "Easter" would be a great colorful seasonal item.) Second, choose from our large selection of scrapbook paper, ribbon, glitter, paint and other embellishments. (Try to stay away from picking drastically different colors.) Third, Paint the craft and then trace out the paper and Modge Podge it to the wood craft. Do some sanding and finish work and then you are ready to embellish. (Choose from jewels, ribbon, wire and other embellishment items.) The trick to making a wood craft look cool is KEEPING IT SIMPLE. Plus remember there is not a right or wrong way to do the craft. Your craft is unique as you are.

We have many AT-HOME PARTY REPS around the nation that earn cash while having fun. You would be surprised how many of your family and friends love doing crafts. All they need is a leader to put the event together. Sign up as an AT-HOME PARTY REP today and get your starter kit. Then buy crafts at a bulk discount and set up a girls night out or a monthly craft party. The best part is we continually come out with new seasonal items so the business is always there. Call or email today and start making money as Crafty Wood Cutout AT-HOME PARTY REP.

Yes, Crafty Wood Cutouts (CWC) works with hundreds of different activity groups. Choose from a variety of popular church related craft items or home decor items. A CWC team member can show you many of our popular items based on your budget budget. Go online, call or come into the CWC store for more information. (Also remember to allow 2-4 weeks for production based on the season.)